Momax UV Sanitizing Box




  • UV-C Fast Sanitizing
    • Effectively kill up to 99.9% germs for your non-washable items in 10 minutes.
  • Aroma Diffuser
    • Diffuse a pleasant scent for your items while sanitizing.
  • Large Capacity
    • Inner capacity size 199 x 105 x 30 mm, suitable to sanitize and able to fit multiple items such as mobile devices, cosmetic tools or other personal items.
  • Safely auto-off function
    • Auto-off when the lid is open or when the sanitizing is completed.


  • Wavelength of UV Light: 253.7nm
  • Input: 5V=1A (Micro-USB)
  • Output: 1W(Sanitizing), 0.5W(Aroma Diffusing), 2W(max.)
  • Interior Dimension: 199 x 105 x 30 mm

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