MagEasy Board

Available in End of August!

MagEasy is the ultimate organizing solution which greatly helps you boost your output at work by keeping your stuff in one place instead of scattering around, turning any desktop into a personalized and private workspace, so you can easily stay organized and focused.

The self-standing MagEasy Board instantly removes clutter on your desk by maximizing vertical storage space. All your workspace essentials are kept neat, tidy and centralized in the most logical manner. And it can be folded into a flat and stowed away within seconds to keep your items safe and private. It also moonlights as a phone/tablet holder and support which props them up at 60° – a perfect viewing angle at a comfortable sight height.  

Organize your table with magnetic modules and stick them on MagEasy Board for an all in one working station!

*The built-in magnets are TSA-approved and allowed on the flight.


  • Personalized & Modular design
  • Strong magnetic module
  • Portable, foldable and detachable

Material: Premium & waterproof PU leather
Size: 205 x 300mm (Smaller than MacBook Pro 13”)
Included: black board with 7 magnetic accessories

  • MagEasy Board
  • MagEasy Card Holder
  • MagEasy Foldable Box
  • MagEasy Dot Clip Set (Oval x 1 & Round x 2)
  • MagEasy Universal Organizer Set (Small & Large)

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