MagEasy Folio

Available in End of August!
Customizing your MagEasy Folio according to different scenarios Inside magnetic modules are ideal for storing all your belongings!

The portable MagEasy Folio securely holds your daily essentials such as keys, pens, headphones and phones in place while you are on the move, so you will always have what you need ready at hand wherever the road takes you.

Simplify the out-the-door routine and decrease the chances of losing items by taking just the necessary items and holding them securely in a closed-book.

*The built-in magnets are TSA-approved and allowed on the flight.


  • Personalized & Modular design
  • Strong magnetic module
  • Lightweight, portable and detachable


Material: Premium & waterproof PU leather
Size: Fold: 240 x 172mm/Flat: 240 x 344mm
Weight: 448g (lighter than iPad Air)
Included: black folio cover with 7 magnetic accessories (please
see as image)

  • MagEasy Folio
  • MagEasy Dot Clip
  • MagEasy Cover Clip
  • MagEasy Card Holder
  • MagEasy Paper Clip it
  • MagEasy RFID blocking Pocket
  • MagEasy Universal Organizer Set (Small & Large)
  • 8 Customized Paper Templates: 40 Sheets/Pack

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